Disclaimer and General Regulations

Valid from June 1, 2011
The following disclaimer and rules below apply to and govern all transactions through the site balihotelsbooking.net.

balihotelsbooking.net serve hotel reservations online and offline, focusing in providing discount hotel vouchers throughout Indonesia. The binding contract between the site visitor and the provider balihotelsbooking.net that his next www.balihotelsbooking.net site called "balihotelsbooking.net" from now onwards. All visitors who have registered either before or new visitors agreed that their relationship is governed exclusively by the existing contract. If there are certain conditions or rules that are not considered in this contract, the general practice of e-commerce and the rules will be regarded as standard.

The purpose of the article mentioned below is to determine the sales process and conditions between the visitor / buyer and the balihotelsbooking.net, from booking to payment products, and finally sending / printing vouchers. This article defines all steps necessary to complete an order in www.balihotelsbooking.net and guarantee agreement between the two parties.

"balihotelsbooking.net member" is a visitor who has been registered as a member of balihotelsbooking.net.
"Voucher issued" is the status of hotel reservations that have been confirmed by the hotel, has been paid by the customer, and has been re-confirmed by balihotelsbooking.net. Reserve with this status is "guaranteed booking", guaranteed by balihotelsbooking.net and the hotel.

Visitors / members can place their reservations with complete details of guests who will be staying. Details are included guest name must match the ID in question.

For incoming reservation has been confirmed and paid between 08:00 s / d 16:30 will be processed on the same day. Reservations are coming through from 16:30 will be processed on the next business day.

All vouchers that have already been issued will email it to the customer via email in the register at the time of reservation. Customer also can print your own vouchers in question through the site balihotelsbooking.net. For hotels located in Indonesia, the customer can also directly check in to the hotel is concerned with showing ID card or other official identity, without having to bring the voucher. Hotel vouchers that have been printed / ter-issued non-transferable and / or transferable and or authorizes another person.

All prices listed on the website in the rupiah currency and inclusive of all taxes and service charge. In certain periods such as Eid and new year period, the hotel will charge an additional / surcharge. balihotelsbooking.net party will notify the customer about these additional costs before payment or printing / issued vouchers.

All data are listed in balihotelsbooking.net strictly private and will be protected. When a visitor / member complete the payment process then automatically have agreed the price and terms stated specified. We process your order safely to make sure the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) SSL which provide every customer full security and the freedom to shop online without worrying about the possible theft of credit card information.

balihotelsbooking.net all elements on your site, either visual or sound, including technology protected by copyright. All these elements belong exclusively balihotelsbooking.net and can not be used without written permission from PT. Thousand and One Solution Indonesian Tour & Travel. balihotelsbooking.net make every effort to provide accurate information for every hotel available, but errors can not be avoided sometimes writing. balihotelsbooking.net not be liable for any error, inaccuracy or omission contained in any content, including in terms of image and text.
Content is submitted by visitors of any sort, including hotel reviews are the personal responsibility of the visitor / sender in question. Nevertheless, re balihotelsbooking.net can do a review, verification and editing of the article and / or image, especially in the case of keyalakan to be displayed. By submitting any form of writing and / or drawings for review, the customer has agreed that the writing and / or the image will be displayed on the site balihotelsbooking.net and will not claim the copyright and / or compensation of any sort.

Sales conditions stated in the contract is the complete agreement between the parties concerned. It is a condition of sale that govern balihotelsbooking.net to visitors and members. The above rules and conditions may be modified from time to time by the balihotelsbooking.net without notice.

Current conditions prevailing during balihotelsbooking.net services are provided online and offline.

This provision is based on the laws in force in Malaysia. In the event of any dispute will be resolved basically by deliberation and consensus. If there is no agreement then both parties can process existing case to the District Court.